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Gateway's Field Office
  The City of New York
   Department of Transportation
   55 Water Street
   New York, NY  10041
   Tel. (212) 839-9435
  Date Completed: 09/30/2011
  Final Value:
  • Furnished and installed protective shield under the viaduct and above train yard (65,000 SF) protecting each of the 34 electrified train tracks.
  • Demolished existing concrete parapets on structure: 1,300 LF
  • Demolished existing concrete bridge deck: 57,000 SF
  • Structural Lifting of the viaduct to remove existing bearings and concrete pedestals: 191 Each
  • Furnish and install new friction pendulum bridge bearings: 210 Each
  • Furnish and install new cast-in-place reinforced concrete bridge deck: 57,000 Each
  • Furnish and install new traffic signals and street lighting
  • Furnish and install new bridge railing and fence work: 1,200 LF
  • Miscellaneous structural steel repairs
  • Furnish and install new bridge drainage system
  • Maintenance painting of certain portions of existing structural steel
  • Maintenance and protection of vehicular, pedestrian, and train traffic